Football is one of the most watched sports in the states at the moment. This is the reason that it is one of the most lucrative activity at the moment at the football players have to be safe and fit throughout the year. Any individual with the talent will want to be in the industry for as long as possible because of the fame and the money involved. Here are some of the top five safety tips that ant football player must know.


It is no secret that the partying and football always goes hand to hand. Especially after a big win and nearly everyone including the players and the fans alike will want to go out and have a time of their life. That is why any football player should always have a designated driver assigned to them when they go out. The drinking and driving will end your career before you even begin. As a football player if you have to drink and you don’t have a designated driver, then it is advisable always to take a cab back home.

What you wear

What you wear on your foot as a football player really matter as this is one of your prized possession. It is always very important to wear safe and closed heel shoes. The best recommendation has always been the tennis shoes that are not only comfortable but will always carry a lot of traction at the same time.

Drinking Water

The one and last thing that any footballer will want to suffer from is dehydration. It is one of the greatest risks that has affected nearly a very big percentage of the football player. The best way to avoid this is by drinking a lot of water during the day. The reason behind this is that not only will your body be well nourished but will also in a great length reduce the chances of the player from having a heart stroke of loss of consciousness during a match.

Safety Kit

The football player should always have a safety kit with them at all times. Even though this might seem to be a little bit extreme but it is important as we all very well know that no one is a perfect and careful lot to encounter any accidents be it major or minor. That is why it is very highly advisable to carry the safety kit most of the time so as to be ready in case of any eventuality. It is better to be well prepared than not. Even for simple cracked nail bed repair, there should be tools ready to help you fix that. 


To work without rest will always burn out any player. The football players to be safe and secure they should be able to conserve all the energy that they have so as to have the best game that they will always be remembered for.


The majority of this stars will want her career to be the longest so as to enjoy all the money and fame that comes with it. The only best way to go about this is to be careful and take good care of your body. The above-mentioned tips should be able to do the trick for any football player.


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